The Tung Wah College 2020 Conference on
Transdisciplinary Model of Urban Aged Care

31 October 2020

We cordially invite Aged Care and related professions to participate in the Tung Wah College 2020 Conference on a unique topic of “Transdisciplinary Model of Urban Aged Care” held at the end of October 2020.

What the current development of COVID-19 pandemic and for the safety of participants, the conference will be conducted online as a Webinar.

Aging population is a global phenomenon and government of many countries have responded to the pressing need of Aged Care with initiatives in policy and funding support for the establishment of a multi-professional approach to elderly residential and community care. Many programs and models, including community-based health services model, have been examined. Most of these models are designed with a fully integrated inter-professional approach. However, many health professionals working in the Aged Care fields might not have sufficient training and exposure in inter/transdisciplinary paradigm. In this light, Tung Wah College organises this conference hoping to address some of these gaps in the field.